Who Windy is

I am an ultra runner and first generation Kiwi, now living in Sydney, Australia.


Running has become integral into my life. I now do not know what I would do if I could not run. I had a pretty normal upbringing and always liked to keep active playing some sort of sport. When I reached 37, suddenly my body needed a bit more exercise to stay in shape and not start spreading. I joined a gym and really smashed myself 5 days a week and I got back to normal after a year, but I hated to be inside. I started running outside with a group and really found my niche. Running consecutive days was not an option until I started to run in the bush on a Saturday morning. Since then after doing a few long road runs, I started to find I enjoyed runs in nature so much more. I was challenged to run in races longer than marathons and I found that ultramarathons seemed to suit me best. The rest is history and since 2010, most of my race goals have been trail and races longer than a marathon.

Trail and ultra running has grown so fast in the last 5 years, there are so many more resources for new runners now. I like to think that I learned the hard way and love to help others with the knowledge that I have now. I’m always looking for a new challenge, at least one that I know will extend me.

Why Windy? I have worked in the Flour milling industry all my working life. There is a cartoon from 1966 in the UK called Windy Miller and it has stuck….


I seldom write race reports, but when I run a life changing race that has scared and challenged me, it leaves me restless and I cannot stop thinking about it until I put it down on paper. At the bottom of the page are links to the reports that I have written. Many of these races I could not have done without the support of my wife Kylie, so I have started to give her space in the report to voice her viewpoint. I hope you enjoy this as much as me! Recording these experiences has enabled me to revisit them myself as my memories fade and help to strengthen me for the next exploit.

Some of my favourite things links:

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